Are you being intentional?

One of the topics that comes up regularly in my coaching discussions is intentionality. In today’s 24/7 environment, most tend to struggle with time management and personal margin. Generally, I see that some have goals and strategic plans for their businesses that they are fulfilling to some degree; however, they have never stopped to apply the same principles to their life. Unfortunately, this often leads to work-life balance issues that result in relational issues outside the business that in turn directly impact performance in all aspects of life.

The picture I’m painting likely isn’t new to you. You know you’re caught up in this whirlwind; however, think it’s just part of life. You’d like to change things, however, you just can’t seem to find the time to put together a plan and stick to it. Again, whether you recognize it or not, your relationships are suffering and 5-10 years down the road you may wake up and find that you’ve lost one of the relationships you used to hold so precious. Whether that be a spouse, a child who’s now growing older and headed off to college, or a wide range of other relationships, without “being intentional” you’re headed for a potential heartbreak.

To this point, when I first hired a coach, I really didn’t need a tremendous amount of help and accountability around my business. I historically have been very goal oriented and committed to making things happen “whatever it takes” while staying within my personal values. However, when someone ask me if I’d every had a plan to invest in my family relationships or my relationship with Jesus, I had to say “well, not really.” Since that time, I have begun to bring much more intentionality to these relationships; however, I’ve also recognized the importance of accountability in the process as well. While I personally declare commitments to myself and their rewards/penalties, it’s the fact that I have to tell someone else “how I did” which brings a level of personal accountability that one doesn’t normally experience.

What would it be worth to experience balance and intentionality in your life? One of the things I remember talking with my father about a few years back is, “Dad, I remember we spent a lot of long hours working in the business; however, what I also remember is that you never missed a ballgame. I can’t say the same for my kids.” Yes, just something as seemingly small as being at my ballgames 30 years later was one of the things I valued in my relationship with my father. It wasn’t that he slacked off in his business to be at my games, it was that he’d set priorities and was intentional. So, what do you think the value of this is to me and my father’s relationship? Priceless!

While I’ve put a lot of focus on the personal side of life today, I hope you’re recognizing that your performance at work will elevate as you become more intentional as well. It’s also likely important to acknowledge that you can’t go it alone and normally need someone external to your day-to-day relationships to help with the process. This is why individuals and businesses pay me thousands of dollars a year to work with them. They recognize the importance of intentionality across all aspects of life and the need for personal accountability.

So, today’s question “are you being intentional” not only applies in your day-to-day work, it applies to your life. Our time really carries the highest value of anything we have to offer and it’s time we start treating it that way. Once you start to take control of your time, I can guarantee that your performance in your life and business will grow exponentially.

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