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Our family serves in the student ministry at Trader’s Point Christian Church. Chris Jr. is part of the worship team which is awesome! Led by @rhettmorehouse, Student Worship Minister, the team likely exceeds the worship experience of many adult level worship experiences in churches across the nation. Like any great teams, this is largely in part to the leadership Rhett brings to the kids.

This past weekend, I witnessed a tremendous leadership principle being lived out by Rhett and the team. One of the largest challenges I see leaders wrestling is “control” and “empowerment” of their teams. Time and time again, I have to work with leaders to “let go” and allow their teams to excel. If you’ve never done this, it can be extremely difficult for the first time. There generally is a tremendous about of fear of the unknown and lose of control. However, once you’ve had the breakthrough, most are amazed at how well their teams take on the challenge.

Over the past few weeks, Rhett had been planning with the team to allow them to lead worship without him. Rather than Rhett standing main stage and leading, he “empowered” one of the students to step into this role while Rhett stood in the back observing. What took place in doing so, likely amazed many. For myself, it simply confirms what I see time and time again when leaders step aside and give their teams an opportunity to excel.

Yes, likely best captured by the @PetieKinder, Lead Student Pastor’s, comment to me during the course of one of the songs, the worship team “has really stepped up their game and is taking things to a whole new level.” This was confirmed by many as they left the worship service Sunday evening and in discussions since. For your reference, I’ve attached a video clip for you to witness firsthand.

Imagine the feelings Rhett experienced in allowing his team the opportunity and seeing them exceed expectations. Given this experience this weekend, I am betting this won’t be the last time Rhett allows his team to take the reigns. Additionally, now that they all experienced a new level of worship, Rhett will likely set this as the new normal for his team whether he is engaged on stage or not.

Please note that Rhett didn’t just walk in and say, “it’s yours guys, go get them”. He took the time to prepare them upfront and allowed them to succeed. This preparation wasn’t years or even months. I was simply a matter of casting the vision a few weeks ago, encouraging them along the way, and turning it over. Well done, Rhett and Worship Team!!!

Friends, I can talk about this for hours based on my own personal experience and other leaders I’ve witnessed “giving up control” and “empowering” their teams. That being said, until you experience it firsthand, it’s likely not going to make a difference in your leadership. It doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like, however, in the majority of the cases it will. On the flip side, great leaders allow their teams the opportunity to fail; so, the experience of “empowerment” and “failure” may be as valuable or more valuable than success stories like the one I’ve shared today.

So, what do you say? Where will you give up control and allow your team to excel? If you need some help, I’m always hear to chat.

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