What a Mother’s Day Gift!

CJ & MomOur son, Christopher Jr. really loves his mom.  For years, I’ve watched their relationship and have great joy and appreciation for how my son treats his mother.  Is he perfect, no; however, overall he is characterized by have a tremendous heart and love for his mother.

So, last weekend was Mother’s Day.  Christopher spent some intentional time with Lisa and it was a good day.  From a gift standpoint, we’ve kind of cut back in this area and focused more on Lisa’s love languages of quality time and words of affirmation.  Overall, it was a great day, however, not what sparked this post.

So, before I get to the reason for today’s post, let me give you a bit of background.  Reflecting back on our post in December 2012, Remembering Your Gifts, you’ll recall that Christopher is a very athletic kid, however, due to a condition call Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) has lost the ability to play the sports he loves.  As the post goes on to say:

“A gift that Chris Jr. has is the gift of singing.  While he hasn’t necessarily been intentionally hiding this gift, he more recently has been more focused on using this gift as a result of athletics not being a primary focus.  He is part of Zionsville Show Choirs (ZSC) and has started singing at our church, Traders Point Christian Church (TPCC).”

Remembering Your Gifts was written the night after Chris’ first show choir performance this season telling about how proud we are of him.  Throughout the year, we have truly enjoyed watching Zionsville Show Choirs who are nationally ranked.  I encourage you to go to their site and you’ll likely be impressed.  We’ve seen Christopher grow tremendously this year and truly embrace his gift.  He has even taken up guitar and has a great mentor and coach, Rhett, who has encouraged him greatly.

So, last night, was the first performance of ZCS’ Finale’, the final performance of the year.  This is the “big event” of the year for ZCS and a time of celebration for their accomplishments throughout the year as well as history of the organization.

So, Lisa and I have settled into our seats with our family and are waiting the start of the show.  The lights go dim and it’s time.  After a short pause, the lights come on, the music begins, and right there center stages, we hear a voice and see a person who resembles our son!  Yes, center stage, kicking off the three hour performance was Christopher blowing the doors off the house.  Lisa kicked me and we look at each other in shock as we had absolutely no idea he was signing a solo, yet alone the solo kicking off the evening.  Beyond that, I know we’re bit biased, however, the boy can sing my friends.

We enjoyed another great evening with ZCS and after the show we connected with Christopher.  When we first saw him, his question was, “how did you like my Mother’s Day gift?”  Yes, Chris had surprised his mother who so greatly loves to hear him sing with a lead solo at this year’s big event.  All I can say is “WELL DONE MY SON!”

You know, every big artist has their coming out moment.  While many of us knew Chris’ talent, I think last night he shocked more than just Lisa and I.  I heard many of his peers commenting that they had heard Chris was good, however, they never knew how good until he sang last night’s solo.  We know that as long as Chris continues to pursue his passion with music, there are great things in store for which we’ll be extremely proud parents.  And, if Chris decides down the road that his singing career has come to pass, we’re ok with that as well knowing that he blessed us with many memorable moments like last night.

We love you son!


Mom & Dad

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  1. Sue Arnold says:

    Chris, What a wonderful tribute to Chris,Jr. He is a awesome son and grandson. We are so proud of you and Lisa for your values concerning your family and friends ! lul Mom

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