The Cause

“The Cause”, “Our Mission”, “What Matters”, “Making a Difference” — Is it important that your organization have a “mission statement”?

Some tend to dismiss the importance of “mission statements”; however, we have been reminded over the past month of their importance.  We believe that deep rooted in all of us is a desire to “make a difference” and “do something that matters“.  Being able to see how our daily work ties to a greater purpose brings an increased level of energy, excitement, and passion to our lives.

An example we would offer is the story of ELANCO.  It’s at the point when their organization made the connection to “The Cause – Feeding the World” that they started experiencing one of the most impressive cultural transformations we’ve seen in an organization.  We encourage you to read more of their story.

While the mission, or purpose, of each of our businesses may not seem to be as significant as solving world hunger, we challenge you to pause and ask yourself, what is “The Cause” and start to connect with it daily.

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