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As I walked the path today, I came to a particular area of the trail that my “yellow birds” tend to show up. For those of you that haven’t read my “yellow bird” stories, I encourage you to search “yellow birds” in my blog content and read with an open mind. By the way, these yellow birds are golden finches which I continue to simply call “yellow birds”.

As I’m walking and talking with Jesus, I sometimes make a correlation of things being confirmed in my spirit upon “yellow bird” sightings. In fact, yesterday, I had a small yellow bird show up confirming what I felt The Lord was speaking to me through the words of John 3:30 “He must increase, I must decrease.” As I prayed, I felt I was hearing:

“My plans must decrease, His plans must increase”
“My thoughts are not His thoughts and my ways are not His ways.”
“My, My, My must become His, His His!!!”

Right in the mist of all of this, a small yellow bird flew in my path and landed right next to me. I stopped and just smiled with joy!

So, today, as I was walking the same section of the path, I was wondering if there would be any yellow bird sightings. (Let me offer a disclaimer here. I see “yellow birds” all of the time; so, I’m not telling you all of my life decisions are based on “yellow bird” sightings.) As I continued, I didn’t see any yellow birds today and thought, “hum, that’s a bit surprising”. Then, at the very last minute, I saw a “yellow bird” and had the thought, “now isn’t that just like God, he shows up at times we feel is the last minute to test our faith; however, it’s the perfect timing in all reality.”

As I continued to walk, I was preparing another blog topic. What I’ve discovered is that my writing normally can’t be pushed and I have to simply write at times when I’m inspired to write. Interestingly today, as I was pondering whether or not I was to blog about a topic, completely out of the blue in an area that I’ve never seen them before, two yellow birds flew past my head. Now, I’m not necessarily going as far as to say that was God speaking to me telling me it was time to write; however, let’s just say it didn’t hurt confirming some things in my spirit.

Toward the end of the walk today, I was reflecting on the past couple of days “yellow bird” sightings. What stood out was how they tend to reflect my relationship with God at times. Very rarely have the yellow birds shown up when I’ve asked them to show up. Generally, they show up in their timing and I’ve noticed it’s normally perfect timing. Additionally, like God, I’ve notice that they show up very randomly and, again, I have absolutely no control over when they come.

So, how about you? Maybe it isn’t yellow birds; however, what does God use in His creation to speak to you? I promise, I won’t think you’re crazy!

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