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If you’ve been following my social media feed over the past month, you likely have seen a bit of buzz around a couple new partnerships forming.  Many of you have already expressed your congratulations which is much appreciated.  Others have wondered exactly what this means in the scope of my overall brand; thus, I wanted to give you a brief overview today.

First, announced last week, I’ve partnered with PeerView Data to join their team in facilitating peer groups.  PeerView Data works with small to medium size businesses to “Get better insights out of the data you already collect”. PeerView’s leadership recognized that CEOs greatly valued their “data-driven analysis” and desired more “experience-driven insights” based off the analytics.  To address this need, we’re launching our first peer group in July specific to CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners of manufacturing businesses.  Additional groups will launch in other business segments based on demand.  You can click here to learn more and sign up for additional information.

Another partnership recently signed which will not be promoted directly through my brand due to contractual obligations is with Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).  Purdue MEP provides “high value, affordable solutions to help businesses increase profitability. As advocates for Indiana’s thousands of manufacturers, (MEP) staff leverages resources in both the public and private sectors to help identify areas of improvement, streamline processes, and ultimately increase competitiveness.”  I will be working with Purdue as a Leadership Consultant and focusing to develop their offering to Indiana manufacturers in the area of leadership development and business coaching.  To learn more about this, I encourage you to contact Purdue MEP directly.

Clearly, I’m very excited about adding these two new partnerships to others already existing.  My primary focus at this point is to identify key partners aligning with my gifts and talents as a coach and facilitator that will focus on marketing and sales as well as broadening capabilities to serve clients.  To that end, existing partnerships with Truth At Work, Right Management, and a couple others behind the scenes are still in existence.

Specific to Truth At Work and PeerView Data, both of these entities have their own unique value proposition.  I remain passionate about the ministry of Truth At Work and continue to facilitate round table groups for Christian business leaders.  There are some exciting developments within the Truth At Work organization that you’ll want to stay tuned over the next few months.  If you have a desire to learn more about this environment, click here.

In addition to these partnerships, I serve the majority of my clients directly.  A primary focus is in the area of organizational health where I work with individual leaders and their teams.  One of the things I enjoy most is facilitating a team alignment process which creates breakthrough opportunities and allows teams to take their game to the next level.  While the partnerships noted today are in the manufacturing segment, I’d emphasize that it’s more about the team than the industry when it comes to my coaching.

It’s exciting times for CHRISARNOLD.ORG!   At the core, I’m a “coach” who desires to “serve” leaders and their teams engaging, equipping, and inspiring them toward an exciting and inspiring vision.  Today, we celebrate adding a couple of new relationships which aid in walking out this mission.  As always, your support is appreciated along the journey as well!

Would you like to learn more?  Fill out my Contact Form and I’ll be in touch.

6 responses to “Partnership Announcement”

  1. Jeannie Jones says:

    Once again the team that you aligned yourself with first, is hard at work for you because He has a plan and a purpose for your life . . . believe in Him, believe in you, and believe the future looks clearer and brighter!

  2. Bill Wolfe says:

    Congrats Chris! I’m happy for you and it sounds like a lot of great things are happening for you.

  3. Gloria Eller says:

    Wow, Chris! This sounds perfect for you. Looking forward to hearing more of the details tomorrow.

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