“it’s worth the drive!”


I must say there are some conversations I must hold back a bit when it comes to discussing the location of my advisory board meetings.  Within Indianapolis, I personally have groups meeting on both the northeast and northwest side.  I’ve also had groups meeting in other locations in the city along the way.

I know people are normally asking this question rather innocently.  I also know time is always a factors people are considering and they look at travel time as being less productive.  Networking with their local community is also normally a factor running through peoples minds as well.  These things are worth considering; however, like I said, I often have to hold back a bit.

We all know at the core this isn’t an issue of time, money, or even networking.  Its clearly a “value” conversation.  Not having experienced the environment, people are asking is there enough “value” to warrant my time and money to travel and spend 4 hours a month in this type of environment.    In many cases, this question of time is the matter of 30 minutes or less drive time for the people discussing the topic.

So, why am I holding back a bit?  Well, likely the easiest way I can relate it is that I have clients traveling 2-4 hours one way paying substantial contributions to be a part of this environment.  Yes, I did say 2-4 hours one way!!!  So, when someone doesn’t know if they can drive 30 minutes to be a part of this environment, I sometimes have to take a deep breath and insure I’m clearly articulating the value.  It’s not them I’m frustrated; it’s my inability to relate to them with much clarity and certainty that “it’s worth the drive!”

Get with me and I’ll connect you with a few folks to relate their firsthand experience.


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