How do I know if I have an idol?


“Therefore, my dear friends flee from idolatry.” 1Cor 10:14

Let me ask you something. How would you answer the following questions?

1) What do you think about most often?
2) What do you worry about?
3) What do you complain about?
4) Where do you run for comfort?
5) Where does the majority of your money go?
6) Who’s affirmation do you crave?
7) What makes you happy?
8) How do you describe yourself to others?

Chances are, as you answer these questions, you’ll identify one or two themes. Depending on your stage of life and circumstances it may be things like: worldly “success”, money, possessions, positions, titles, sports, friends, seeking others approval, marriage, as well as many others.

Our pastor, @Aaron Brockett, asked our congregation these questions not long ago to which my wife and I spent some quality time reflecting upon. Reason being is that what he also shared was that whatever your answers are to these questions are “idols we’re placing on a pedestal daily”.

As we reflected, pretty quickly we identified that family and financial security were idols in our lives. These were areas we hadn’t totally turned over control to God. As Aaron states, “we need to knock these idols off the pedestal daily and insure God is at the center of our focus”. While we’re far from perfect, I would tell you that once we began to refocus on Christ, we’re living a more peaceful life.

So, how did you answer these questions? Are you ready to knock your idols off the pedestal? Please encourage others by sharing below!

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