Seeking Distribution Outlets for Christian-based Apparel

We recently have joint ventured with God Is Good LLC, a Christian-based apparel business, and are seeking distribution outlets for their product.  Their products are presently distributed by Anchor Distributors and in retail outlets like Family Christian Stores, Luis Palau, Bill Gaither, and many independent book stores.  They are primarily focused on developing larger distributors for their product worldwide.  As you will note, this is a missions based business with 20% of their sales being given back to faith-based organizations.  Please contact me directly with any prospective distribution outlets.

Additionally, we encourage you to visit their site and support this missions based business through the purchase of their products and sharing the site with others.

Thanks for your support!

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  1. paul may says:

    A part from my full time ministry Clear Vision Drama Company, I am also a part of an incredible company endorsed by John Maxwell called Team National. They have a division called the business exchange that allows you to advertise your business or ministry year after year. The great thing about it is that the 800,000 plus TN members will look to the business exchange before they google search or yellow pages first. I will be happy to talk to you more about it. The owners of the company are Christians as well as the majority of its members. I think it would be a great fit with what you are looking to accomplish with God is Good. Thank you and God bless.

    By His Power,

    Paul May

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