I am a leadership coach and consultant and am passionate about growing leaders and their teams.  This often looks like coming alongside you as a “guide” to clearly define what “success” looks like and build strategies to achieve this “success”. Through peer-to-peer advisory boards and other engagements, I sit with leaders coaching through the lens of “significance” on a wide variety of life and organizational challenges.

Coming alongside you as a “guide” to aid in navigating the journey! Personalized individual and team coaching!

Couples and Premarital Coaching

Lisa, my wife, and I have a true heart for healthy marriages and their families. Married in 1992 after being high school sweethearts, we’ve celebrated 30 years of marriage and 40 years of life together. Through the years, we’ve... Learn More »


I provide consulting services for organizations desiring a non-biased set of eyes to aid them in assessing opportunities for improvement and developing strategies to go to the next level. Over the years, my client base has been diverse and... Learn More »

Leadership Coaching

Growing leaders! While all of us are gifted in different areas of life, I operate from a foundational belief that everyone is a leader.  Simply put, my Leadership Coaching process “engages, equips, and inspires” leaders. -Engage I’ll help you... Learn More »

Team Alignment

Great leaders and their teams understand in order to continue to elevate performance you must have “team alignment” which often takes a “coach” to facilitate.  My High Performance Coaching process has been a catalyst to numerous leaders and their... Learn More »

Truth At Work

FEELING LONELY? ISOLATED? OVERWHELMED? I am a Chapter President for TruthAtWork in Indiana and virtually. If you’re in a business leadership role, you realize how lonely it can be making decisions and finding confidants who share similar thoughts, goals... Learn More »


Confidential Analysis

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