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What is holding you back?

In a recent workshop, Ray Hilbert, CEO/Co-Founder Truth@Work, discussed what holds businesses and individuals back, FEAR. Ray further pointed out the 7 Impacts of Fear On The Christian Business Owner 1. Fear Replaces Faith 2. Fear Destroys Dreams 3.... Read More »

Three Wishes, Dreams, Success

What are your three wishes? What are your dreams? What does success look like in your life? These are questions we routinely ask in our consultations and encourage all to spend time thinking about. We find many times that... Read More »

Career Coaching

7-Step Career Path Process The 7-Step Career Path Process (CPP) is a scientific systematic program to help you find a career and job that you will love! Traditional methods often fail because we choose a job for the wrong... Read More »

How do you brand “give me a challenge and let’s go after it”?

Many often ask what my “expertise” is? I find this to be a difficult question as we tend to want to put people in a “box”. When I sat down to ask this question of my advisors, they were... Read More »

Want to evaluate opportunities within your business?

Take our Business Diagnostics Assessment; it will expose areas of the business which have opportunities to address. We will aid you in developing strategies to achieve “success” in these areas. See a sample Diagnostics Chart below. Demo Diagnostics Chart Read More »

Don’t let “little things” hold you back from achieving your BIG VISION!

Recently, my wife and I spent the weekend on a leadership challenge course. This experience reminded me of the importance of having clear intentions and not letting the “little things” get in the way of our BIG VISIONS! While... Read More »

Clear Vision

No matter whether your running a business, raising a family, or pursuing your “dreams” in life, it all starts with a “clear vision”. Often, especially in difficult times, we are challenged with truly having “clear vision”. The Success Process... Read More »

Business Development or Transition Strategies

Do you have a great idea; however, need specific expertise and capital to advance to production and commercialization?  Or, do you have a profitable existing Indianapolis area business in the manufacturing or service industries, which you would like to... Read More »

A Network of Thousands

As an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) , Chris is tapped into a network of thousands of highly experienced business executives in the United States as well as internationally with skills which touch in... Read More »

The Success Process

Vision: What is “success”? What are your “three wishes”? Where is your “pain”? Are we willing to pay the prices for “success”? Goals/Metrics: How will we know we are successful? Do our goals and metrics truly support the vision?... Read More »
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