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Whether it be Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, or, even, Team Alignments and Group Coaching, I have coached hundreds of sessions online.  In what’s becoming a virtual world, many clients are pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of online coaching.

Starting with one of my first client’s years ago in Spain to now coaching team’s online, there is no where in the world that can’t be reached via the internet and basic video technology.  Most are surprised that all of the aspects you’re looking for in a coaching relationship can be experienced without ever leaving the comfort of your office, home, or other personally chosen environment.

No more driving to and from the meeting location.  No more paying travel fees for your coach who lives miles away.  No more rescheduling appointments because you’ll be traveling to important endeavors.  Simply find your private space and jump online for your session.  Also, because I’m able to serve you from anywhere in the world, I don’t have the travel time or occasional calendar conflicts; thus, resulting in a more client-friendly relationship with lower investment in fees.

Don’t have access to a computer or mobile device with video?  No problem, we’ll jump on the phone for a session.  While I prefer most sessions be video to allow for better communication and screen sharing, I hold many sessions over the phone as well.  It really works just fine!

What about your team or peer group coaching?  Well, you might be surprised with online coaching here as well.  I can complete assessment interviews via online, assemble this information, and facilitate team alignment sessions anywhere in the world.  Virtual teams or teams with members across multiple locations already likely are using technology for this purpose; thus, it tends to be a no brainer.

Like the idea, however, still prefer some face-to-face time.  No problem, we can build in a few face-to-face sessions along the way as well as schedule team offsite meetings.  I, too, like to personally meet my clients face-to-face at some point.  This being said, you likely are picking up on the efficiency of the process and how the majority of our sessions can be done virtually.

So, what do you say?  This is a win-win which I highly encourage you to consider.  Fill out the form for a Complimentary Confidential Analysis and let’s take the next step.  Best of all, the first step we take will be via phone or video; thus, it’s really low risk and most find value in our conversation.  Talk to you soon!



Confidential Analysis

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