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I once was working out with a teenager aiding them in preparing for the upcoming basketball season.  They commented, “you’re a great coach; you should have been a coach.”  To this, I responded, “well, I am a coach”.  With a look of surprise, they asked “what do you coach” thinking it would be some type of sport.   I responded, “I coach people”!  Imagine the smile on this individual’s face as they connected with what I had just said.

The principles in coaching apply to all aspects of life.  Adding my personal experience in many aspects of life, I provide valuable coaching insight in all areas of life.  Being certified as a career coach, many seek me out in the process of moving from “success” to “significance” in their next career opportunity.  Others simply are looking to take personal relationships with a spouse, child, or others to the next level.   Yet, others are people going through extremely difficult circumstances whom need a “friend” to encourage them and insure they are getting plugged into the right counseling environments.

Life has many times of joy and sorrow.  I simply want to be there as an encourager and sounding board as you’re walking along in the journey.   I find a tremendous amount of value in simply sitting across the table from others in order to get differing prospective and counsel in life.  It’s always encouraging to hear we’re “making a difference” and see “life change” happen for those I come alongside.

While I am the primary certified coach and mentor, some may prefer to have a female’s prospective.  For this reason, Lisa, my wife, often sits in with life coaching clients and even does firsthand one-on-one coaching as well.   We both view much of this process as a ministry and perform a fair amount of work pro-bono.


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