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7-Step Career Path Process

The 7-Step Career Path Process (CPP) is a scientific systematic program to help you find a career and job that you will love! Traditional methods often fail because we choose a job for the wrong reason. It could simply be convenience or economic necessity. In other situations we choose a profession when we were not mentally prepared. Many of us selected a job or major area of study as a teenager just out of school. Others selected a job immediately after being laid-off or downsized. In either of these situations we were under extreme emotional stress.

The Process

CPP uses a combination of scientifically validated psychometric assessments to determine your preferences, strengths, satisfiers, motivators, and skills. We then match all of these variables to a career that reinforces these natural desires. Simple? Yes. Logical? Yes. But we do need to follow the CPP to get the proper result.

The 7 Steps

Step 1 – Relating to the world
Step 2 – Career and Life Satisfiers
Step 3 – Strengths, Weaknesses, and Core Motivators
Step 4 – Skills Determination and Analysis
Step 5 – Align and Apply
Step 6 – Possible Careers
Step 7 – Action Plan Nothing is complete until you take action.

As an example of one of the many tools we utilize please view our Life Path & Career Path Assessment.  Lisa, my wife, and I both provide career and life coaching services.  I am certified as a career coach by The Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED).  To learn more about our approach and package offerings, click here.

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“Chris Arnold administers a well-designed process of deriving the needs, wants, and ideal career choice for his client. He is a man of integrity and will stick with the client until he or she is satisfied. I highly recommend Chris and his innovative career coaching process.”  — Corporate Executive

“Chris did an excellent job helping our son determine where he should focus his energy with the remainder of his high school courses. Chris helped our son determine what direction to take for his college search. When one on one, he developed a huge trust and our son was able to communicate with him openly regarding his wants and desires, as well as his fears, beyond high school. We feel there is no price you can put on what doors Chris has opened for our son. Chris comes with the highest of recommendations!!”  — Mother, High School Student


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