I am a lifelong coach with a broad range of experience and expertise.  In a world that likes to place labels on folks, many place the labels of “executive coach” or “business coach” on me.  While I wear these labels humbly and confidently, they don’t necessarily encompass the entire range of why folks tend to seek my out.  In the past, I’ve labeled myself as a “leadership and life coach” which also is fitting; however, not all encompassing.  Finally, through relationships like “Truth At Work” and simply my faith oriented blogs, many place the label of “Christian Coach” on me.  This is yet another label that I wear humbly and confidently; however, I’ve coached many non-Christians along the journey with great joy and favorable results.

Chances are, as you read this, you’re likely still attempting to niche me at bit.  No problem!  I’d recommend you glance down the list below of different types of coaching to further assess fit.  Once you’ve done so, I’d be glad to schedule an initial call to hear more of your story and assess fit.  Simply fill out the Complimentary CONFIDENTIAL ANALYSIS form and I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Coming alongside you as a “guide” to aid in navigating the journey! Personalized individual and group coaching!

Career Coaching

7-Step Career Path Process The 7-Step Career Path Process (CPP) is a scientific systematic program to help you find a career and job that you will love! Traditional methods often fail because we choose a job for the wrong... Learn More »

Team Assessment

What’s the health of your team? You’ve just begun a process to truly understand! I work with leaders and their teams to assess the current situation, open up lines of communication, and align teams toward a common vision. My assessment... Learn More »

Online Coaching

Whether it be Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, or, even, Team Alignments and Group Coaching, I have coached hundreds of sessions online.  In what’s becoming a virtual world, many clients are pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of online coaching. Starting... Learn More »

Life Coaching

I once was working out with a teenager aiding them in preparing for the upcoming basketball season.  They commented, “you’re a great coach; you should have been a coach.”  To this, I responded, “well, I am a coach”.  With... Learn More »

Leadership Coaching

You’re a leader! While all of us are gifted in different areas of life, I operate from a foundational belief that everyone is a leader.  Simply put, my Leadership Coaching process “engages, equips, and inspires” leaders. -Engage I’ll help... Learn More »

Team Alignment

Great leaders and their teams understand in order to continue to elevate performance you must have “team alignment” which often takes a “coach” to facilitate.  My High Performance Coaching process has been a catalyst to numerous leaders and their... Learn More »

Truth At Work

FEELING LONELY? ISOLATED? OVERWHELMED? I am a Chapter President for TruthAtWork in Indiana and virtually. If you’re in a business leadership role, you realize how lonely it can be making decisions and finding confidants who share similar thoughts, goals... Learn More »


Confidential Analysis

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