Career Coaching

7-Step Career Path Process The 7-Step Career Path Process (CPP) is a scientific systematic program to help you find a career and job that you will love! Traditional methods often fail because we choose a job for the wrong... Learn More »

Team Assessment

What’s the health of your team? You’ve just begun a process to truly understand! I work with leaders and their teams to assess the current situation, open up lines of communication, and align teams toward a common vision. My assessment... Learn More »

Online Coaching

Whether it be Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, or, even, Team Alignments and Group Coaching, I have coached hundreds of sessions online.  In what’s becoming a virtual world, many clients are pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of online coaching. Starting... Learn More »

Life Coaching

I once was working out with a teenager aiding them in preparing for the upcoming basketball season.  They commented, “you’re a great coach; you should have been a coach.”  To this, I responded, “well, I am a coach”.  With... Learn More »

Leadership Coaching

You’re a leader! While all of us are gifted in different areas of life, I operate from a foundational belief that everyone is a leader.  Simply put, my Leadership Coaching process “engages, equips, and inspires” leaders. -Engage I’ll help... Learn More »

Team Alignment

Great leaders and their teams understand in order to continue to elevate performance you must have “team alignment” which often takes a “coach” to facilitate.  My High Performance Coaching process has been a catalyst to numerous leaders and their... Learn More »


FEELING LONELY? ISOLATED? OVERWHELMED? I am a Chapter President for TruthAtWork in Indiana and virtually. If you’re in a business leadership role, you realize how lonely it can be making decisions and finding confidants who share similar thoughts, goals... Learn More »


Confidential Analysis

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