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“the real secret is to ‘give up’ on your dreams?”

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to attend TruthAtWork’s annual conference, America’s Best Hope. (#ABH2016) Candidly, having spent a few years on the the conference circuit, I’m at a point where all day conferences aren’t necessarily as inspiring... Read More »

Partnership Announcement

If you’ve been following my social media feed over the past month, you likely have seen a bit of buzz around a couple new partnerships forming.  Many of you have already expressed your congratulations which is much appreciated.  Others... Read More »

Would you like to make a difference for a child this summer!

If you live in Indianapolis, IN, there is a good chance you’re familiar with Shepard Community Center.  Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, they have several great initiatives ongoing to aid to “break the cycle of poverty”.  One... Read More »

America’s Best Hope – November 13, 2015

Gabe Lyons on the Importance of Surrounding yourself with Leaders in the Marketplace In this clip, Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q Ideas and Co-founder of Catalyst shares what Christians in the marketplace can do to overcome isolation and loneliness.... Read More »

They’re different and that’s OK!

This morning, I had the pleasure to once again hear Dr. Tim Elmore speak on leading Millennials.  Today’s focus was specifically about leading, given a generational gap in the workplace.  The context of what Dr. Elmore presents applies to... Read More »

Dramatic Swings

Over the past week in Indiana there have been some pretty serious storms coming through the area.  If fact, with last night’s storm and the ground being so saturated, there was a period of time in which my sump... Read More »

Virtual Coaching

A question that arises frequently in the arena of coaching is whether one can benefit from virtual coaching.  Several years ago, I had my first one-on-one experience coaching via Skype internationally.  I was surprised how well it worked and... Read More »

“Wow, I’ve been so busy that…”

  This morning I recognized that “wow, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t blogged in nearly a month.”  Looking back, I would say that June is always a bit busy with the kids out of school, six family... Read More »

Do you talk about “faith” in your environment?

I was having coffee with a new friend today.  We both commented that getting out and getting to hear people’s stories on a regular basis is so encouraging.  Candidly, while we both were there to share about our businesses... Read More »

Jumping from the High Board by Greg Rohler

I received this article from Greg Rohler, a member of one of my advisory boards, through his monthly newsletter.  While multiple things caught my attention, one of the reasons I wanted to pass it along is it represents Greg’s... Read More »
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