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A shift in culture?

Would anyone agree that we are experience a shift in our culture in America?  One that, in my personal beliefs, is moving away from a “biblical worldview”.   A country which was once founded on “biblical principles” has started turning... Read More »


Has anyone noticed a whole lot of people voicing “criticism” these days?  We seem to live in a world that enjoys “criticizing” or “judging” others.  Worse yet, we can now “criticize” more easily with social media.  Honestly, this is... Read More »

Insecure Leadership

As I was reading OS Hillman’s TGIF post this morning, Insecure Leadership « Marketplace Leaders, it reminded me of a time not so long ago. From worldly standards, I was a pretty successful person not long ago.  I had... Read More »

America’s Best Hope Conference – George Barna

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being a part of the America’s Best Hope conference.  While several things stood out at the conference which focused on the importance of discipleship or mentoring of Godly leaders, George Barna, The Barna... Read More »