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“Sometimes You Need Outside Eyes” by Chris Brady

If you haven’t run across Chris Brady, you’re missing one of the best public speakers in the world today.  Chris profiles himself as a “NYT Best Selling Author, Inc. Mag’s Top 50 Leader, CEO of LIFE Leadership, Speaker, Humorist,... Read More »

“Zeal for your house will consume me!”

Back in the first of October 2013, in my post, “What do God and Almond Joy have to do with one another?”, I told the story of an extremely powerful experience I had with God.  You’d have to re-read... Read More »

Do you understand the power of the leader’s voice?

Recently, I was in a conversation with a friend discussing the power of the leader’s voice. The focus of the conversation was how many leaders don’t recognize the power of their words in the context of their teams. A... Read More »

Go Colts! Remember: One Play Can Change The Game!

Whether your a football fan or not, you likely saw the highlights of Josh Cribbs, Colt’s Punt Returner, fielding a punt which was initially ruled a fumble and over turned after review.  While no one knows, many speculate that... Read More »

If you weren’t “King” would your people be following you?

Are people following you because of your “kingly” title or because of your leadership? Be careful how you answer, it may not be the one you think. Looking at it through another lens and to quote John Maxwell, “He... Read More »

Special Invitation from Chris!

We shared this special invitation with a select group of individuals in our community; however, wanted to extend the opportunity to you as well.  Please view the attached video to hear more and contact us to further discuss! Merry... Read More »

Is it time for a “trade” in the off season?

Working with leaders and their teams, we often discover during “game time” that the team is not performing up to it’s optimum. Generally, stress and emotions are running high during times of peak performance which allows inefficiency and character... Read More »

Advisory Board vs. One-on-one Coaching?

We regularly get asked the question as to which environment we recommend plugging into: our advisory boards or one-on-one coaching. As I relate in the video embedded in this blog post, the ideal is to participate in both. That... Read More »

Vulnerability – Is it a good thing?

  Recently, in one of our Truth@Work meetings, we were discussing vulnerability. While most agree that vulnerability in relationships is a good thing, most also say that there are limits to when and where we should be vulnerable. My... Read More »

“Where there is no vision the people will perish!”

Whether you are familiar with the Bible or not, you likely have heard this quote from scriptures: “Where there is no vision, the people perish….” Proverbs 29:18 KJV Yes, over the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this,... Read More »